Wednesday, March 17, 2010

For the Love of Chocolate Fondue


Chocolate is my favorite food, why
Goodness can’t you see?
Without chocolate what a dismal
World that this would be?
Give me chocolate day or night,
For any kind of snack
I’ll take chocolate any time
I have a crave attack.
Give me chocolate mousse, or pie,
Or any chocolate cake!
Covered up with chocolate frosting,
What ever you can make!
Chocolate ice cream! Brownies too!
A Chocolate Hershey bar!
Make a chocolate fruitcake and
It will be a star!
Chocolate Pudding! Chocolate Fudge!
Chocolate Linzer Torte!
Or a Chocolate Russe Royale,
Like they serve at Court!
Chocolate Sheet Cake, Texas Style!
Chocolate Fondue too!
Chocolate covered ‘tater chips
Will put the pounds on you!
Chocolate custard! Crème Fraiche!
Chocolate Muffins–yes!
Or hot chocolate late at night!
Chocolate is the best!
I love chocolate toffee!
Or a chocolate caramel bar!
Chocolate chips right from the bag
Will really take you far!
Chocolate doughnuts! Chocolate waffles!
Or Fudgy Chocolate Sauce!
Whatever you can put it in,

–Sandra Lee Smith

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